Homecoming for the Freshmen: Potential Promise

AUTHOR: Oliver H

5 November 2017

This year, the Class of 2021 had a lacking performance in both sports and spirit, but showed some potential promise for future Homecomings.

During the dress-up days, our class had some very creative costumes. Flock Day outfits ranged from Wizard of Oz characters to an assortment of tropical fruit. Alexander A scored our grade two points for his flying monkey costume.

For Decade Day, there was a large variety of costumes. One group went as 2017 teens, sporting fidget spinners and “Supreme” clothing items. Another group went as hippies from the 1960s. Zoe H scored two points with very elegant Victorian era clothes.

Finally, for Class Color Day, most of us just wore our orange shirts with a few other orange clothing items, so none of us scored any points.

On Class Competition Day, we had a rough record, with most finishes in last place. To kick things off, our banner received last place, scoring our class one point. In Crab Soccer, freshmen did better than expected with a third place finish, but in Powderpuff Football, we took two losses in a row, landing us in last place.

The halftime cheerleading routine seemed to match the football. The cheerleaders’ routine was short and, although Evan H displayed some very impressive acrobatics, it was no surprise taht the routine was last place, given the quality of the other classes’ performances.

In 13-ball soccer, we lost our game and tied for last place, receiving two points. Although our team knew a lot of answers in the Brain Bowl competition, it wasn’t enough.

During volleyball, the first match against the seniors was a predictable loss. Despite that, our team fought hard during the consolation game, beating the juniors to take third place and earning three points.

Despite the many losses during the week, the one activity where the freshmen received first place was the Box Top collecting!

Although the freshmean class came in dead last with twenty-one points, everyone had a great week. Hopefully, we will do better in the years to come!

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