Homecoming for the Sophomores: Look Out, Juniors!

Author: Erin W

5 November 2017

Homecoming was an amazing time for the Class of 2020, and we really came together as a class. Starting off strong at the beginning of the week, our Time Magazine-themed banner came in second place!

Dress-up days went well for the sophomores. For Flock Day, there were large groups with themes, such as Minecraft and Jurassic Park, the latter performing a “stampede” around Landy deck. The sophomores also participated heavily in Decade Day, with costumes ranging from 1920s flappers to 1980s fitness instructors. The best day, point-wise, was Class Color Day, with Lacy Salter’s very blue outfit earning the sophomores two points.

The blue class passionately cheered for its classmates, as the juniors took the field and courts. Despite a devastating loss in Crab Soccer, the juniors placed a solid second in Powderpuff Football. We won our first game against the freshmen with a touchdown scored by Lindsey L., and played a very close game with the seniors, earning the sophomores five points. The football games featured amazing plays from players Lindsey L, Christina S, and Taylor A. Taylor was even awarded the greatest defensive player award because of her amazing interceptions.

After football, several sophomore boys wowed everyone with their creative cheer, featuring Sebastian A as a dinosaur and songs like Rihanna’s “Umbrella” and Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do.” The stands loved the boys’ cheer, and the sophomores received 3rd place.

In 13-ball soccer, the sophomores came in second place, followed by third place in Brain Bowl. Finally, the volleyball games kept the sophomores on edge. We defeated the juniors with help of awesome plays by Kyle L, and put up our best efforts against the undefeated seniors, taking second and receiving five points.

Overall, the sophomores earned a total of 36 points, coming in third place out of the four classes. We cheered so much for each other and all of us had a blast throughout the week. Look out next year, juniors, and Go Blue!

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