Homecoming for the Juniors: Tremendous Spirit

Author: Cooper L

5 November 2017

The junior class had a great Homecoming this year, taking second place overall with outstanding class spirit. Members of the Class of 2019 placed first in Banner, Class Color Day, and fan support for both Crab Soccer and Powderpuff Football.

Class Color Day was stellar, with Hailey S taking first place in individual class colorsl. Juniors showed a tremendous amount of class spirit, easily the best out of our years so far at Shorecrest.

The juniors also did an amazing job on the class banner this year, earning first place. It was very creative, and blew its competition out of the water.

Starting strong, the juniors took second place in Crab Soccer, narrowly edged out by the seniors. The juniors earned two points, however, to the seniors’ one in fan support.

The Powderpuff Football team did great this year under the coaching of offensive coordinator Ashton R and other members of the football team. Though they took third place, they played hard and did their best.

The cheerleading squad, despite the rough game, demonstrated the Class of 2019’s spirit and took second place, earning the juniors five points. Two additional points were won for fan support.

The juniors also took second place in Brain Bowl, improving on previous years. Unfortunately, they ended the day with a loss in Volleyball.

Overall, the junior class did a fantastic job this Homecoming with a total of forty-two points. Though we could use some work on volleyball, we’re looking good heading into our senior year!

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