Homecoming for the Seniors: SWEEEEEEEP!

Author: Hunter H

5 November 2017

Who would have thought? Who would have even dreamt?

Let’s start our journey down victory lane at the beginning: Tuesday, Flock Day. The seniors took the cake with a whopping eight out of the ten points allotted for winners. Coming together as a class, seniors brought Christmas to October, dressing up as everything from reindeer to elves to presents to the big man himself, Santa Claus. Bringing out a massively-overkill-yet-totally-worth-it sound system, they made sure that the only noises to be heard by anyone were the sweet, festive melodies of Mariah Carey, Justin Bieber, and Michael Bublé.

Wednesday’s Decade Day brought another victory for the Seniors, who took an impressive six out of ten possible points. Throwing it back to the age of Woodstock and the 60s, the seniors had everyone from Jimi Hendrix, who played his rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner,” to The Beach Boys, who performed “Surfin USA” on, of course, a surfboard. In addition, Melanie F won her class two points for her awesome, hand-made Volkswagen Bus costume that came complete with working lights.

Thursday brought total and utter chaos; no one could believe that the seniors had actually swept the day, winning first place in every single event. First in the day was Crab Soccer, which saw one of the narrowest wins of the day, with the seniors edging out the juniors 9-7. Next came a victory in Powderpuff Football, a first for them, and after that came a shocking win for their Powderpuff Cheerleading routine.

After that and a very decisive win in 13-Ball Soccer, it was time for Brain Bowl, which saw the Class of 2018’s best performance ever, only missing two questions. Leaving the theatre, everyone with frowns (except the seniors), it was time for the main event, the game in which victory was the seniors’ birthright: Volleyball. After thoroughly defeating the freshmen, the seniors went on to take a resounding victory against the sophomores, completing not just one sweep but two. Not only did the seniors sweep the day, they swept Volleyball, winning every Homecoming Volleyball game all four years.

We had a fun week, to put it gently, not wanting to aggravate any Juniors (SWEEEEEEEP). Our Student Council representatives put together a week that none of us will forget for a very long time, so we want to thank them for everything they have done. Even Pennywise appreciated the public recognition, saying, “I’ve never felt so loved by so many. Dancing has always been my passion, and everyone’s support has been so kind. I really thank them for giving me this chance to show everyone who I really am.”

He, and the rest of the Seniors, came together when it mattered to win the day, to emerge victorious, to make the other classes red with envy.

Click here to see photos from Homecoming!

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