If you are reading this: Go vote! By Olivia Olson

With midterm elections around the corner, voting is a hot topic in our community. For those who can vote, they are being encouraged to go to the polls or mail in a ballot. For those who cannot, they are encouraged to pre-register.

Although she cannot vote yet, sophomore Brenna Dukes has a message to share with our community: “Voting is one of the most important things you can do as an American citizen. Do your research and vote for who you think best represents your values, not your parent’s values or your friend’s values, yours. The decisions that get made in Washington affect our lives. If you don’t like something your politician stands for remember that they work for you, not the other way around. You can vote them in or out and every vote counts. There are so many races, especially in this election, that are going to be decided by a few hundred votes or less. Even if you are not 18 yet you can find a candidate that you like and canvas for them, encourage other people to vote, and register others to vote. Historically young people have the lowest voter turnout out of all other age groups. This means that our parents and grandparents votes determine who will make decisions that will affect us for decades.”

That being said, it is crucial that out community takes part in this election cycle. Seniors who are already 18 can vote in this election. However, out of poll taken of seniors, a little less than half of the class had registered to vote. Almost all of the students who are eligible to vote and have registered are planning on voting in the midterm elections.

Although not many seniors are planning on voting in this election cycle, those who are very eager to take part. Sarah Miller, a senior who is planning on voting this year, adds: “I’m so excited because I can vote this year in the Midterm elections! I think it’s so important that everyone who can vote does and even for those who can’t vote this year they should get preregistered!”

If you are 16, you can pre-register to vote in person, online, or in the mail. Now is the time to get involved. 

Make your voice heard!

Olivia Olson


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