B-L-U-E 2020 Victory!

By: Erin Wilson

Personally, I have been looking forward to my senior homecoming ever since getting my first blue shirt in my freshman year. Coming off of a successful homecoming for the class of 2020, we were all buzzing to make this year’s homecoming the best one ever. Our student council representatives worked so hard to create the most efficient way to include everyone’s ideas for t-shirts and dress-up days. For “To The Moon Monday,” The whole senior class decided to fight back the underclassmen aliens and dress up as the “Men In Black.” While Josh J. played some sweet tunes while we were at break, the class of 2020 did a full-blown alien chase of Brett D. in a Mike Wazowski costume, which was a highlight for the whole week. Some other creative costumes were Andrew N, Zane S, and Carlos G’s “Florida Department” costumes, showing a more laid back side to the typical Men In Black uniform. For “TV Tuesday,” The seniors decided to decorate Landy Hall, and create a zombie invasion inspired by “The Walking Dead.” The seniors even did a small portion of the “Thriller Dance.” Senior artists really showed their stuff, and Kanaley C, Aliyah S, and Carlos G made very memorable zombies with their realistic SFX makeup. Of course, the crowning jewel of the week was Class Color Day. The seniors really fought hard to win as many points possible. On the field, the girl’s powder-puff football team was the only team to score points for the whole day. The senior class cheered on the kickball team as they slipped and slid into first place in that event as well. The senior class led many cheers in the stands, racking up some fan support points. Will C and Scott S made valuable additions in the stands with some great guitar playing and drumming. Brain Bowl was also a highlight, as the seniors came in first place, even with a few bumps in the road. The final question was pretty helpful because, with all of this college application work that we have been doing, I really hope the seniors know how many credits are required from them. Winning most of the events was obviously a great part of homecoming, but for the seniors being together was the most important part. We were all excited to join the boys on the field during our cheer routine, and for all of us, it was a very special performance. After spending almost four years all together throughout high school, the class of 2020 has become one of the closest classes in Shorecrest history. We are all so encouraging of our classmates. I’m glad that my last homecoming went so well, and I know that I will always have a little blue in my heart. Let’s go class of 2020! Onward and upward! 

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