How to Beat Cabin Fever

By: Nadya DeFreitas

How to Beat Cabin Fever

By: Nadya DeFreitas

In light of this recent pandemic, the term “cabin fever” has been brought up… a lot. I have seen this word anywhere from the news to my tiktok for you page, and when I first came across it, I thought it was horrifying. I immediately thought of someone going insane in a cabin; however, that is thankfully not what this term refers to. Cabin fever is a “claustrophobic reaction, manifested as extreme irritability and restlessness, that takes place when a person or group ends up in an isolated or solitary location for an extended period of time.” Essentially, it is that feeling you are probably getting right about now. You’re three weeks into quarantine, so let’s be honest there is only so much you can do on your phone. If you are like me and are running out of ideas of fun things to do, do not worry because not only have I cultivated a list of  best things to do by yourself during quarantine but I have also found the best games on the Apple Store to play with your friends when you can’t see them.

Things to do alone during quarantine that don’t involve a lot of technology: 

  • Go for a bike ride
    • WARNING: I did this and did not immediately receive a 6 pack
  • See how fast you can write the word supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
    • It takes me about 2.1 seconds
  • Hide a picture of a random animated character around your house and wait for your families reactions
    • My mom is too stealthy for me to do this
  • Clean your room
    • Personally, I find this to be the most rewarding thing to do on this list
  • Color coordinate your closet
    • You do not KNOW how clean your closet can look until you’ve done this
  • Make jewelry
    • I am going to come out of quarantine with 1,000 different bracelets. Send me an email if you want one:)
  • Make origami-
    • Did you ever wonder how that one kid learned how to make a ninja star in 5th grade? Well you finally have the time to find out
  • Color-
    • Nothing beats coloring at 3pm
  • Learn how to do yoga-
    • I am determined to learn how to be a yoga instructor by the end of quarantine
  • Follow a Bob Ross tutorial-
    • I can’t paint but this is still an 11/10 experience
  • Read a book
    • I kind of forgot about reading for pleasure but it’s pretty fun
  • Write a song about your quarantine experience then produce it on soundcloud
    • If you actually do this one let me know and I will write an article on it as long as it is school appropriate
  • Write a play and then direct/produce/star in it
    • Catch my new play “The Life of Nadya” winning an Oscar next year
  • Paint rocks
    • I haven’t done this yet but some of my friends have and they make very cute room decor
  • Choreograph a new dance
    • Who knows, you might just make the new renegade
  • Make a collage out of old newspapers
    • I recommend picking a theme for your collage before you start cutting, it makes your life a LOT easier
  • Look at this fun list of puns-

Websites you can use to play with your friends online:

Super bored and don’t feel like having human interaction try these websites:

Apps to play with your friends online:

  • Game pigeon
  • Psych
  • Photo Roulette
  • Words With Friends
  • Draw Something
  • Quiz Up!
  • Trivia Crack
  • Roblox
  • Hay Day
  • Clash Royale
  • Plato
  • Evil Apples vs. Humanity
  • Uno!
  • Family Style
  • Among Us!
  • Fortite
  • Risk: Global Domination
  • Hot Wheels: Race Off
  • Guess Who: Multiplayer
  • Yahtzee
  • Rummikub

Apps to play if you suddenly have the urge to become a fitness icon:

  • Nike Training Club
  • Adidas Training by Runtastic
  • 30 Day Fitness
  • Yoga for beginners
  • Sworkit
  • Seven- 7 Minute Workout
  • Steezy Studio-(learn to Dance)

Apps to play if you want to learn a language during quarantine:

  • Duolingo
  • Rosetta Stone
  • Drops: Language Learning
  • Babbel

Apps to play if you want to start preparing for the new June ACT/SAT

  • ACT Online Prep
  • ACT Practice Flashcards
  • ACT Prep For Dummies
  • ACT Pocket Prep
  • ACT Math: Practice Questions
  • ACT Prep by Ready4
  • Daily practice for the SAT
  • SAT Practice, Prep, Flashcards
  • SAT Flashcards
  • SAT Math: Practice Questions
  • New SAT Vocabulary

Overall this is not a great situation, but when life gives you lemons, it’s best to do something with them because otherwise they get all gross. So don’t let your quarantine time become all gross, push yourself to do at least one fun thing per day, and try to keep a positive attitude because we will get through this. I personally have been making bracelets 24/7 and basically I’m turning into my grandmother, but it is still a fun time. We would love to hear what you are doing during this quarantine time and you can share it with us by positing a picture on your Instagram story and tagging us @thespschronicle!

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