Beginner Quarantine Crafts

So, you are sat alone thinking to yourself “I never thought Netflix could be so boring!” Well, I suggest picking up a new skill, and crafting is something that is great for people of all ages and skill levels. Although it may seem a bit overwhelming at first, hopefully, some of these resources will make that process a little less daunting.

Painting – Watercolor

I suggest watercolor painting for anyone who is new to painting in general. It is really user friendly and pretty inexpensive. You can make just about any color you need by mixing the basics together, so there is no need to spend lots of money on a huge set of paint. Start by taping a thicker piece of paper to your work surface, and use varying amounts of water to get different values of the colors you would like. Watercolor also is great for painting outdoors, as long as you have a way to take your water with you!

Link to beginner-friendly watercolor sets (but even a basic Crayola set is great to get you started)


Knitting can seem really confusing at first, but Youtube has plenty of tutorials on knitting basics that go as slow as a beginner would need. Knitting is also technically only two stitches in varying patterns, so it is pretty easy to make some really interesting designs. I suggest a hat or a scarf as a beginning knitting project. Using thicker yarn and needles will make a project go by faster and it is much easier to see what you are doing, so chunky yarn is a great place to start. 

Here are some great tutorials: – Knitting a hat – Knitting a scarf – In-depth basics tutorial

Here are some great beginner materials:  – Chunky Yarn – Knitting Needles 

And if you don’t want to knit with needles, it is really easy to knit a blanket with your hands and some really thick yarn! – Easy tutorial


Origami is something that people have been doing forever! It is a great way to make little trinkets for your desk at home, and most of the time, you can make projects with a post-it, so it is a really cheap hobby! I suggest some of these really easy projects: – Crane – Ninja Star – Boat

@thelilasianthatcould on Tik-Tok also makes really easy to follow tutorials on lots of different origami crafts!

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