What Do Students Think About the New President-Elect?

By: Sofia Winer

This past election made history, which had over 159 million US citizen voters. The presidential race was so close that, if you flipped a little more than 81,139 votes in four states, there would have been a different president-elect. Alas, Joe Biden became the new president-elect. But what does the Shorecrest Upper School think about our new president-elect? 

It is unfeasible to interview every upper school student in such a short period of time from the election, and so I conducted an anonymous survey that was sent to several dozen students. In grades 9-12, each student had varying political views, which was as hoped. 

The first question was “Do you believe that President-Elect Joe Biden is a good fit for our country?”. 64.3% of responses said yes, but 35.7% said no. What was interesting about these responses was that later on in the survey, students were asked the question; “Do you believe President-Elect Joe Biden will better lead the United States rather than President Trump?”. 71.4% of students said yes, which is more than the original 64.3% who said Joe Biden was a good fit for our country. There was a split of 14.3% of responses saying no, and another 14.3% of students saying maybe. 

Going into the written portion of the survey, students were asked a basic question; “What are your general thoughts concerning Joe Biden?” There was an array of responses; one student states, “Joe Biden seems to have good intentions regarding the country”, and another wrote, “I think he is a great man and will be a great president”. Others voiced similar opinions; “I think he may not be a perfect person in all aspects, but he is better than our former president.” Other students expressed contrasting views; “He is weak, vulnerable, and lies constantly. He is not fit to run our Nation. He isn’t what he is shown to be, meaning that he is hiding something, or a lot of things”. Other students also stated that they do not support the same policies as Joe Biden. 

The next question conducted in the survey asked students; “What are your in-depth thoughts concerning Joe Biden?”, which invoked more interesting, unique responses. I only chose three to put into this article in respect of time. One student responded; “Joe Biden is not as passionate about change as AOC or Bernie, but him being in the white house would be beneficial for most causes. He can put the U.S. back in the Paris Agreement and sign executive orders that benefit the entire country. Although he is practically conservative for most other developed countries, his policies would at least make sense when compared to Trump’s.”

Another Charger’s response was; “Biden for one wants to shut down the country for a few weeks which is just going to drop the economy. He has no clue anything he’s talking about and he supports things that I do not support.” A student wrote; “I think that he is more accepting and stands for the LGBTQ+ community and he stands up for movements and supports them such as BLM. Also with a woman in office such as Kamala Harris I believe that women might finally be seen as equal to male and will be given equal pay.”

I then asked a more amusing question; “What was your first impression when Joe Biden was elected president?”. Many people had the same first impression, and they were similar to this response; “I could see that there was a major release throughout the country, and it was like a breath of fresh air knowing that we are able to breathe and be free again. I could see the celebrations from people and the immediate happiness.” Others had the opposite response; “I was mad because he has no right being president”. Many students were surprised that he won; “I was a little surprised once I saw that Joe Biden was projected to win the presidency because he seemed very similar to Hilary Clinton, who did not succeed in 2016. However, Joe proved much more likeable and democrats in general went to vote in larger numbers.” 

The last question of the survey asked; “If you could change anything about Joe Biden, what would that be?”. Some said; “I would make him more authentic because he seems to enjoy being president rather than truly passionate about making change”. Others said; “I wish he was just a bit younger”, and even some said “Everything”. 

A deep level of gratitude goes to those of you who took the time to fill out this survey, and I hope the rest of you took something away from this piece.

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