2021 Fashion Trend Predictions

By: Mattie Tomey

At the beginning of every year, people look forward to different things. New beginnings, New Year’s resolutions, cold weather, and being finally finished with the first semester of school. And if you’re anything like me, another thing you look forward to is the fashion trends. 

While trends are ever-evolving, my YouTube feed and Tik Tok “For You” page are always especially filled with trend predictions at the beginning of the year. Today, I’ll be doing my own take, and breaking down 8 of my trend predictions for 2021 for styles, colors, patterns, and pieces. 

Low-rise Jeans

Starting off with perhaps the most controversial trend on my list: the lower rise, often bootcut baggy jeans. A stark contrast from the high waisted mom jeans that were so popular several years ago, many people are beginning to prefer something with a lowrise look. 


Corset-style tops have been slowly coming into style, and while not totally mainstream yet, full-on corsets have begun to make an appearance in the fashion world. Whether it be a full corset worn as a shirt or a waist corset used to layer, corsets are coming into fashion in big ways. 

70’s Patterns

The “y2k” aesthetic that took over 2020, while still trendy, is slowly being replaced by a more 70s aesthetic. Psychedelic and swirly prints have been everywhere this year, and tons of big designers and small businesses are putting their own spins on this trend. 

Claw Clips

Though I will never stop wearing scrunchies, the hair accessory of 2021 is definity claw clips. They in part have gained popularity due to the “model-off-duty” looks popularized by models like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. 

Bright Colors 

This one has been a long time coming. As we come out of the dreadful year that was 2021, fun, bright colors and prints have been making their comeback—after all, shortly after the Spanish Flu came the Roaring 20’s!

Brown Clothing

Strangely enough, alongside bright colors, the color that has been gaining popularity is brown. This is best showcased with a monochromatic brown outfit. 

Yoga Pants

So, maybe I lied about the low-rise jeans being the most controversial. A look that most teenagers would not be caught dead in two years ago has made its way back into semi-popularity, much of which can be accredited to a few posts made from Instagram influencer and YouTube vlogger Emma Chamberlain. Now being referred to as “flared leggings,” these comfy pants have no doubt come in style as a result of the pandemic. 


As the days of Forever 21 have slowly fizzled out, a new fashion movement has trickled in: sustainability. Even for those who have known about the negative impacts of fast fashion, lots of ethically-made, low-waste fashion has been inaccessible in terms of price and range. Now, “slow fashion,” sustainability, and unique pieces by independent brands have been in the spotlight. Even bigger companies are gaining popularity because of their ethical and environmental practices.

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