Super Bowl Fun Facts

By: Kendall Farley

So as I am sure everyone knows, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers recently won the 55th superbowl with the score of 31 to 9 against the Kansas City Chiefs. Being our home team, most of the community was super excited, especially after the Tampa Bay Lightning also won the Stanley Cup this year as well. Today, I am here to bring you some fun facts about the superbowl that you probably didn’t know. 

Fun Facts about Superbowl LV

1. This year was the first time a team is playing at their home stadium for the Superbowl.

2. Tampa Bay’s win is their second Super Bowl title in franchise history. The first was Super Bowl XXXVII in 2003. 

3. At 68 years old, Bruce Arians, the Buccaneers head coach, became the oldest head coach to win a national championship. 

4. Tom Brady won his 7th Super Bowl ring and now holds the record for the most Super Bowl wins by any player in the National Football League. 

5. Tom Brady was named Super Bowl MVP for the fifth time. 

6. This Super Bowl game featured two quarterbacks with the largest age gap: Tom Brady, the Buccaneers’ quarterback, at age 43 years old and Patrick Mahomes II, the Chiefs’ quarterback, at age 25 years old. 

7. The Weeknd explained the symbolism behind his halftime show as, “The significance of the entire head bandages is reflecting on the absurd culture of Hollywood celebrity and people manipulating themselves for superficial reasons to please and be validated.”

8. The Weeknd was trolled after the halftime show for impersonating Michael Jackson whether intentional or not. 

9. Sarah Thomas became the first woman to officiate a Super Bowl. 

10. Tampa Bay’s Lori Locust and Maral Javadifar became the first female coaches to win a Super Bowl title.

Berg, Sarah Glover and Jeremy. “Bucs Win: Super Bowl LV Fun Facts and Firsts.” NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth, NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth, 8 Feb. 2021, 

Fun Facts about Past Super Bowls

1. Super Bowl Sunday is the second biggest eating day of the year. 

2. Before the Superbowl LV, Peyton Manning was the only starting quarterback to win a superbowl with two different teams, but now Tom Brady has joined him after winning with both the Patriots and the Buccaneers. 

3. The New England Patriots have both won and lost the most super bowls. 

4. The Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots are tied for the record of most Super Bowl wins at six. 

5. The first Super Bowl halftime show included 300 pigeons.

6. The Vince Lombardi Trophies—a new one of which is handed out every year—are made out of sterling silver by Tiffany & Co. It takes the famed jeweler four months to craft the trophy.

7. There was a power outage that caused a halt at the Super Bowl XLVII.

8. There has never been a shutout in the Super Bowl. The Miami Dolphins hold the record for fewest points scored in a Super Bowl; in 1972, they lost to Dallas, 24-3.

9. Only one super bowl has gone into overtime. The Patriots defeated the Atlanta Falcons 34-28.

10. The Cleveland Browns is the only team that has neither hosted a Super Bowl or played in one. 

11. The 1989 halftime show was broadcast in 3D.

12. No sitting president has ever attended a super bowl. However, four sitting vice presidents—Spiro Agnew, George H.W. Bush, Al Gore, and Mike Pence—have made Big Game appearances.

13. A streaker interrupted the 2004 Super Bowl and another streaker made an appearance during the Super Bowl LV this year as well. 

14. The player who scored the first-ever Super Bowl touchdown was hungover. 

15. Tom Brady is the oldest quarterback to win a Super Bowl. 

“55 Super Facts About the Super Bowl.” Mental Floss, 1 Feb. 2019, 

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