A Letter to Our Readers…

Hello Chronicle Readers, 

On behalf of this year’s staff and Co-Editors-in-Chief—Athena Smith, Cían McCarthy, and Grace Salter (as well as our faculty sponsor, Kristie Dowling) —we’d like to announce some major changes to Shorecrest’s online student publication. This year, we’re turning The Chronicle into a fully-functioning student newspaper, with a more journalistic approach. Our goal is to run stories to address important questions in our community. The website layout is being enhanced, and our staff has been reorganized with editorial positions and writers for different sections. Kareena Dua is the Opinion Editor, Daniel Chadda is the News Editor, Ava Johnson-Baker is the Entertainment Editor, Luke Tunnell is the Sports Editor, and Miles Lucas is the Photo Editor. Ainsley Walling, our Copy Editor, has been busy editing, and Alexa Rose, our Web Design Editor, has been working hard to upgrade our website.

This year, spschronicle.org will have a new look. The website will be navigable using a drop-down menu that will include sections for Entertainment, News, Sports, Opinion, and Past Issues. Don’t worry, we’re not changing everything.  We’re still, for example, keeping popular segments like Pet of the Month!  Now, however, our Opinion section will also tackle subjects such as the dress code or COVID guidelines and provide student commentary, encouraging interesting discourse in our community. Our first publication with these new changes is coming out on November 15th. From then on, The Chronicle will arrive monthly.

Going forward, The Chronicle is going to be consistent and dedicated. The framework we have in place now allows for leadership positions to be passed down year to year. Students who are section writers have the potential to become Editors and even Editors-in-Chief if they’re passionate. Not all of the possible improvements will be realized in the span of this school year. In the long term, we’ll have the infrastructure to publish more frequently and put our editions in print. This year we are traveling to New York to participate in the Columbia Scholastic Press Association conference, and as our paper grows and takes on a more professional format, we will strive to compete alongside other papers. We’re looking forward to a great year! Thanks for reading!


Athena Smith, Cían McCarthy, and Grace Salter
The Chronicle Co-Editors-in-Chief

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