Appreciation of the Creative Arts at Shorecrest: Spotlight on Charla Gaglio

By: Sara Rose

Ms. Gaglio sits by her students’ art. (Photo from Shorecrest Archives)

The Shorecrest art program is a one-of-a-kind experience that allows curious students to seek knowledge and express themselves as creative individuals. Over the past couple of years, the artistic students of Shorecrest have offered many diverse and attractive pieces of artwork for the Shorecrest community to indulge in and interpret together. Art is a unique source of power, which is why as a community, we must maintain its relevance and encourage its growth here at Shorecrest. In order to help do this, I have interviewed some of the current artists of Shorecrest to express their true feelings about the Studio Art course through their own works of creativity. We will be featuring their voices and artwork in the issues to come.  

I thought I’d let our cherished head of the Arts program and teacher of the Studio Art course, Charla Gaglio, introduce the segment with a brief statement:  “We have many amazing student artists here which I think is very important to share with the community. Art is a form of communication, and artists are often people who seem to be more introverted, making art a possible way that they communicate. Visitors get to understand just how much Shorecrest supports the arts, a school so supportive of the performing and visual arts. Many years ago, I taught in public school where I counted pencils and erasers. Now, to have a program where I get to order materials and paints that students need in order to create…is a very unique experience, and I’m very excited to support the arts in that way. Being an art teacher is the best job in the world! I am very fortunate to share something that means so much to me with upcoming generations. Students need this outlet. Art is problem solving. Art is good for mental health and the general well-being which teaches you about not only yourself, but about history and culture. Art is a rich discipline which can be useful in so many different ways.”

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