Fit of the Month: November 2021

By: Verity Rabin 

As you walk through the halls of Landy, approaching the senior tables, and then the stairs, you are surrounded by an array of colors: v-necks, hoodies, shorts, and the extremely popular sweatpant-sweatshirt combinations. Unlike that APUSH reading check where none of the questions were in the book, or that surprise pop quiz in Stats, our clothes are one of the few luxuries of life that we are able to control. Especially when we live in a reality where masks cover the distinguishing features on our faces, our clothes give us an opportunity to continue to stand out and also express our creativity. Whether you curate the perfect outfit the night before or throw on the first thing you see in the closet, you have a style that defines you. Clothes are so much more than fabric to keep us warm (and out of trouble with Dean), they are little windows into our peers’ lives. Even something as small as seeing the coffee stain on someone’s shirt lets us know something about who they are.

This new running segment in the Chronicle allows students to express their creativity and personality through their outfits. You chose our first “Fit of the Month” through a voting process. Students from every grade cast their ballots, suggesting who the fashionista of their grade was. With nearly 90 votes cast, a winner was chosen. This month, you selected 11th grader Alex Bean as our “drippy-est” classmate. 

Alex’s friend, 11th grader, Sean Sheikholeslam said, “The Vlone goes hard. His fits cannot be beaten.” Alex inspires others around him to dress to impress, but with a casual twist. His outfits are put together but also have a laid back style. You will usually catch him in his signature Vlone shirts. When asked why he loves Vlone so much, Alex responded, “I find it kind of funny from a brand perspective because there is a stigma behind it. I do think that the design is interesting, but I think more so that the community around it is pretty entertaining.” Thank you, Alex, for entertaining our community as well. Congratulations, Alex, and thank you all for participating. We look forward to seeing you stuntin’!

Here are pictures of Alex’s award-winning fit! (Brands included) 

  • Shirt: Vlone
  • Shorts: Superdry
  • Shoes: Adidas

Alex Bean shows off his winning fit (Photos by Verity Rabin ‘23)

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