Homecoming Hype Videos

By: Cían McCarthy

This year had some of the best hype videos we’ve seen. Congratulations to all the grade levels and to the video editors! Here are the highlights:

In first place came the juniors with their hype video showing lots of purple.

In second were the sophomores with some explosive basketball shots.

In third place, the ninth graders with their first exciting hype video.

And in fourth place (but first in my heart) came the seniors, with a longer video showcasing both class spirit and nostalgia for our graduating Senior Class of 2022.  The seniors uploaded their video past the deadline, and thus unfortunately placed last.

The Hype Videos were graded on Creativity, Hype and Spirit, and Overall Audio/Video Quality, awarded either 3, 2, 1, or 0 points depending on their success in each of the three categories.

To watch these videos, please see below:

(Photo: Class of 2023 Hype Video)

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