Hot or Rot: Powderpuff Cheerleading 

By: Your Drama-Addict, Marco Camuzzi

It’s the second most important event of Hoco (the first, of course, being volleyball): the event where boys can dress in crop tops without shame, get on their hands and knees and twerk, breaking their backs like Britney. I am talking about… powderpuff cheerleading. I’ll start by giving a quick recap from that day a couple of weeks ago. 

The Class of 2024, the sophomores, got last place for the second year in a row! I had the pleasure of interviewing sophomore Jensen Hallock-Wishner about his time doing the cheer. He found it to be a “fun opportunity without being too much of a time commitment,” and he liked the music choice as well as the coaches. The question we all care about, though, is his thoughts on the final results: “I don’t think the sophomores should have come in last just because it was the shortest.” Well, I don’t know where they should have placed, but it certainly was a huge improvement over their cheer from last year. On a scale of HOT or ROT, I give it a Hot-ish. Well done, Class of 2024. I can’t wait for your fiery effort next year. 

Up next, we had an unexpected showing from the ninth graders. I must say, everyone, myself included, was very impressed by their fiery performance. Usually, the display from the freshies is, well, meh (not including the Class of 2023, of course, but I’m not biased or anything). This year, though, they brought a fighting spirit. Class of 2025 is still learning the ins and outs of powderpuff, and everyone is excited to see what they will bring in the years to come. With a fierce cheer such as that, they will surely be a challenge for next year’s senior class. On a scale of Hot or Rot, I give it a Hot! Watch out everyone, 2025 has some fight. 

Freshmen give an impressive performance (Photo by Shorecrest Archives)

Now, the Class of 2023, the cream of the crop, the juniors! A stunning cheer this year and another effervescent performance as always. Here’s a quick recap of the most important moment: As “Bad Romance” started to play, a loud crowd cheered as they came into formation and yours truly got on all fours and cat-walked like Britney. Class of 2023, though ending up in second place just like last year, put up a good fight. Coach Rose Leary said that her group was “easy to work with.” Leary also praised the seniors: “I think that the seniors did an amazing job on their routine and deserved first place.” We both can’t wait for next year’s cheer! Good job Class of 2023. Senior powderpuff is going to be fabulous! On the Hot or Rot scale, I give it a HOT!! 

Juniors use smoke effects to spice up their cheer (Photo by Shorecrest Archives)

Last and certainly least in my book (just kidding), THE SENIORS!!! The Class of 2022 hit a home run with their cheer this year. They had a lot to live up to with past senior cheers. Classes of 2020 and 2021 were something out of this world, but Class of 2022 didn’t disappoint. Coach Maya Verano told me about her experience with the group: “We had probably 10 practices. Our music choice was inspired by girl power and the relevance of TikTok in our society.” She talked about her group’s challenges as well: The group “wasn’t the easiest to work with…They mostly got sidetracked at practices. However, they did work very hard and ended up taking the win.” It was a dazzling spotlight performance from the seniors. They should be very proud. The senior cheer is a very important Shorecrest Homecoming tradition, and 2022 really emphasized that. Of course, it’s time to rate on the HOT or ROT scale: I give it a Hot, Hot, Hot! 

Seniors follow in the footsteps of their predecessors with a winning cheer (Photo by Shorecrest Archives)

Cheers to another year of powderpuff, can’t wait for next year! 


Your drama-addict, Marco

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