Pet of the Month: November 2021

By: Cían McCarthy

Your favorite segment from last year’s Chronicle is back in action: The Pet of the Month. Last year, as you may know, The Chronicle had a “Dog of the Month” segment, but this year we’re including pets of all shapes and sizes from across the community to allow every cat, bird, lizard, or squirrel a chance to win the coveted Pet of the Month award.

The votes are in! With 27 votes, the November winner of Pet of the Month is…

Tucker the dog!

“Tucker is a dog that may have missed the last 6 window updates for dogs. The only time he does something smart is when he wants to escape from his play pen or when he wants food. Tucker would sell all of our souls for a piece of steak. He loves steak.”

Max Schratwieser, Tucker’s owner.

I interviewed Max, breaking the news.

Tucker the dog is the official winner of Pet of the Month, November 2021. How 

does this make you feel?

“Pretty happy, I thought my description summed him up pretty well. Don’t know why he won, but I’ll take it.”

What do you think Tucker’s going to do with his newfound fame?

“Probably try to exchange it for food if he ever figures it out, which he won’t because he’s not very smart.” 

What do you think you want Tucker’s legacy to be at Shorecrest?

“I don’t know. I guess just think of him as dumb but he likes food. That’s all. That basically sums him up.”

Well, Tucker, we love you and your Guy Fieri/Lloyd & Harry mashup. And of course, congratulations on your big win!

As I said, we did have great submissions this month. Please feel free to submit your pets again for consideration in the December 2021 edition of Pet of the Month!

(Photo: Max Schratwieser)

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