Slip n’ Slide Kickball

By: Alexa Rose

With football season coming to an end, the senior’s homecoming week victory showed how collaboration is the key to school pride. As senior Yvonne Lin said, “Slip n’ slide kickball was successful. It really emphasized the importance of teamwork. It felt nice to win, and the event demonstrated our class spirit.”

Seniors win their final game against the Freshmen (Photo by Shorecrest Archives)

The first couple of months of school presented challenges.  The ninth graders were getting to know each other, the juniors were beginning their hardest year of high school, and the seniors were getting ready to submit college applications. “Slip n’ slide kickball brings the classes together, and it’s especially a good bonding experience for seniors who are leaving soon,” said senior Joely Eppolito. This year’s finals were played by the seniors and the ninth graders (who upset the sophomores in the first round). 

Unlike volleyball, which is only open to boys, and powderpuff football, which is only open to girls, slip n’ slide kickball is open to every student, regardless of gender. 

Seniors show their determination to win by performing risky slides (Photo by Shorecrest Archives)

Shorecrest faculty were even able to participate in this highly-anticipated event, exemplifying how the student body can strengthen our relationship with teachers in an enjoyable, entertaining way. Upper School Band Director Ethan Updike participated with what he colorfully called “equal pitches to all.” As an unbiased designated pitcher for all the teams, Updike had a unique perspective. He said, “I think it’s one of the most equally accessible sports by the different grade levels. It’s a sport that’s really hard to have seniors dominate in because it’s so hard to run around the bases. It’s more exciting than watching the seniors play the freshmen in something like football or volleyball.” Slip n’ slide kickball is action-packed and intense, tying in the school’s emphasis on community and class spirit, and the seniors’ victory this year shows exactly that.

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