Spotlight on Coach Bearden and the Upcoming Boy’s Basketball Season

By: Cem Eralp

The start of the basketball season is rapidly approaching. As a former D1 player at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Coach Bearden is no stranger to the game of basketball, and it shows. He demonstrates a good rapport with his team, calling them “very young and full of energy.” In turn, his players describe him as “good at motivating,” “determined,” and “caring” – all great qualities to see in a coach with a new season on the horizon.

Feeling excited to be back to coaching after a break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bearden said that Shorecrest should “expect a well-disciplined team that can get up and down the floor.” Discipline is one of the most important aspects of basketball.  If a team does not have discipline, they should not expect to win many games. Coach Bearden maintains discipline with a few key principles. The players must keep their hair cut short and tidy and wear a collared shirt and tie to school before every home game. To ensure the players are succeeding academically as well, Coach Bearden checks each player’s grades each week. 

Although this team has a full and challenging schedule, Bearden has full confidence that discipline will win us upcoming games. “This team is made up of scorers,” he said. His goal is “to win districts and go to the state playoffs.” This is not an easy task however, as Coach Bearden implied. An area which the team needs to work on, according to Bearden, is: “defense and rebounding.” Compared to other teams, this team lacks taller players, so they must make up for it in other areas such as defense and speed. By working hard and staying motivated, this team can achieve their maximum potential. 

If you’re wondering how you can support the team, Coach Bearden and the players told Shorecrest, “You should attend the games and have faith in the team.” On behalf of the Chronicle, we look forward to seeing you there!


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