Wade’s Corner: A Homecoming Football Commentary from Your Shorecrest Broadcasting Club

By: Wade LeCain

61-7. Yes, it was a blowout. Everybody knew that it would be before the game even started. Théo Simon had 75 yards on the first play of the game with the score at 6-0. On the first play of the second drive of the game, with a score of 13-0, Aneko Jackson had 57 yards. Drew Bunn had 93 yards on the first play of the third drive of the game, when the score was 20-0. By halftime, Shorecrest was winning 48-0.

There was a palpable energy present at Haskell Field that night. In my four years at this school, there has never been a crowd that large and excited at a sporting event. Parents, alumni with their parents and children, teachers and their children, and one of the most energetic student sections there has ever been, all packed the stands. And all were accompanied by a break-away banner, a Treble-Crest national anthem, and a Jack Satterfield flyover.  This was certainly a night to remember. 

Somehow, my freshman year feels as if it was both yesterday and a lifetime ago, and it has become too easy to overlook the significance of all the memories that have happened between then and now. The football team is heading to States for the first time in a long time, and nobody seems to be batting an eye but to the future. Living in this blissful ignorance can be comforting, for we know not when we are truly living, but rather only that we are. However, glory in athletics does not just come and go, it is achieved through hard work and dedication, which is why we must celebrate those who achieve it now. Congratulations to the football team, and go Chargers! 

(Photo: shorecrest.org)

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