Luke Leary: the Man Behind the Camera

Photo of Caden Ryan (’22) (left) and Luke Leary (’22) (right)

By: Kareena Dua

Every Monday, the school gathers either in the JRT or their advisories to hear announcements for the coming week and to spend time together as a community. This year, not only does the Shorecrest Broadcasting Club take the stage to tell us about the upcoming sports events, but the school started to see a more personal side of Shorecrest athletics while watching the Soccer Team’s Hype Video made by Luke Leary. Luke, a senior, has been a part of the boy’s varsity soccer team since his sophomore year. To him, it is more than a team, it’s a family. Due to a newfound health issue, he learned that he would not be able to play soccer for his senior season. However, he would not let life get in the way of being a part of the team. He thought of the idea of using his passion for video to create hype videos to increase the team’s spirit and make this season one to remember. The Chronicle had the opportunity to talk with Luke about his passion for video production and the positive impacts it has had on the team.

Who came up with the idea to make these hype videos, and is it a passion of yours?
“I have been making videos since I was in fourth grade. I started off making basketball edit videos and trick shot videos. I then started to record people doing tricks like flipping, and when I would go on trips, I would make videos and edit those, too. So when I found out I couldn’t play, I thought making videos for the team would be a really fun thing to do for the team.”

What does the team mean to you and how have these videos affected them?
“The team loves the videos, and it definitely brings all of us closer together. The team gets really excited for the camera, and it also pushes them to work harder because they want to be featured in the video. I think it means a lot to the team because they have never had something like this created for them before.”

What is the process to make these videos? How long does it take?
“I just started using a new editing software, so I basically just learned how to create videos using this tool. It took me ten hours to create my first video. Editing the video itself only takes about two hours, but since it was new software, I had to watch YouTube videos and learn how to use it, and that’s why it ended up taking much longer to complete.” 

Would you be interested in continuing to make these types of videos for other sports in the spring?
“I would definitely consider making videos for other spring sports because I really enjoy making the videos, and I see how much my team loves seeing them.”

Since you are a senior and this is the first year someone has taken the initiative to create hype videos, do you hope someone will continue to make them when you’re gone?
“It would be awesome if someone would want to get into it and create videos for sports because the team really appreciates having something like a video forever to watch and remember the team by.” 

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