March Fit of the Month

Pictured above: Stella Pagano (’22) (left), Stella’s Jordans (top right), and Reanna Hossain (’24) (bottom right)

By: Verity Rabin

After a brief hiatus, we are back! So many new fashion trends have hit the runway since our last “Fit of the Month,” from Moon Boots to floor-length blazers; fashion just keeps on evolving, and so do we! We asked Shorecrest what fashion trends for 2022 they would like to see. We heard that the “retro,” “vintage,” and “dark academia” styles should make a comeback. It also looks like “perms” are on the rise. 

We were graced by the fashion gods and given two winners for this “Fit of the Month” installment: Stella Pagano and Reanna Hossain. 

We sat down with our winners to talk about what fashion means to them. I asked both the same question to start: “What is your favorite thing about expressing yourself through clothing?”  Reanna answered, “Just generally being able to express however I’m feeling in terms of gender that day. Like somedays, I want to feel more androgynous, and clothes help with that.” Stella also offered an intriguing perspective: “It’s the best way to express yourself, I feel like because that’s what people see when they see you every day; it’s what you are wearing, and the first thing people look at.” When fashion is put under a microscope, at its core, it is self-expression; our clothes are just an extension of our personalities. Reanna and Stella have very different forms of expression, but still find common ground regarding how they present themselves to the world. 

Their outfits are pictured below and display their award-winning senses of fashion. Stella is sporting her Jordans, the most prized item in her closet. She exclaimed, “I think they honestly might be the shoes I’m wearing.” Personally, I am a massive fan of Jordans, so Stella’s kicks are a 10/10 for me. 

When Reanna was asked about their favorite item from their closet, they replied, “Can I say shoes? Because if so, my Jordans.” It looks like Jordans might be the big-ticket item in fashion this year. Maybe even Jordans instead of heels for Prom this year? The variety of Reanna’s outfits is impressive; the sources of their clothes range from thrift stores and Target to a gift shop in the Dominican Republic. It just goes to show that anyone’s outfit can tell a story.
Thank you to Reanna and Stella for contributing to the creative environment here at Shorecrest and sharing their beautiful opinions on all things fashion! I will see you next edition of “Fit of the Month,” and I hope this new year allows people to build confidence and try out their most creative fits. Always remember, “Being well dressed hasn’t much to do with having good clothes. It’s a question of good balance and good common sense.” —Oscar de la Renta.

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