Pet of the Month: Terrance Jr., The 3-D Printed Octopus

Pictured above: Terrance Jr.

By: Victoria Linton-Evans

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Pet of the Month here in the Upper School! This month’s winner defies the definition of a pet, and because of that, I enjoyed getting to know Miles and his 3-D printed octopus, Terrance Jr., with a whopping 70 votes!

“Sorry if Terrence Jr. looks a bit distraught. Terrence Sr. recently passed, and it’s been difficult for all of us. Terrence Jr. is a dependable octopus and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Terrence Jr. is seven weeks old and is currently learning his alphabet.” -Miles Lucas, Terrance’s owner.

Given Terrance’s success this month, I was looking forward to meeting the octopus that stole our Upper School’s heart!

Q: How does it feel to win Pet of the Month?
A: “It feels really good. I am a little surprised considering there were actual pets that were listed, but it was very nice to win something.”

Q: Do you have any other pets? Does Terrance’s win motivate you to enter them in next month’s edition?
A: “I have some other 3-D printed pets, but I also have two cats, so I might add them next time.  If Terrance can be successful, so can they.”

Q: How do you feel about winning with a total of 70 votes? Will you tell Terrance about his success?
A: “I feel famous. I feel accomplished. Terrance already knows, we had a big party about it. He got some plastic fish treats.”

Q: What would you like to say to all the people who voted for Terrance?
A: “Thank you, but I would evaluate your priorities and definition of a pet. Still, I sincerely thank you for making Terrance’s dream come true.”

Once again, I want to thank everyone for submitting their pet, and I wish you all the best until I find the next Pet of the Month! Submissions are open to everyone!

See you next month!

Victoria Linton-Evans

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