About Us

The Editorial Board and Faculty Sponsor

The Editorial Board of The Chronicle consists of the senior members who have worked for the paper for several years. In the 2017-2018 school year, the Board is chaired by Editor-in-Chief Kyle M. On it sits Wilbur M, Melanie F, Ashley B, and Hunter H. The paper is sponsored by Mr. Henderson, an English teacher at Shorecrest and longtime journalist. 

If you’d like to contact the Editorial Board because you’re interested in writing an article or about a correction, please email SPSChronicleEditor@gmail.com and the Editor-in-Chief at kymullins@shorecrest.org.

Staff Writers and Columnists

  • Clara L, a senior, writes a column on the activities of the Black Student Alliance and other diversity-related topics at Shorecrest
  • Julianna W, a senior, writes a column on the life of a student athlete
  • Olivia O, a junior, writes a weekly “Take 5” column
  • Cooper L, Will N, Eva T, Erin W, Shannon W, and Oliver H are staff writers.

Visual Design and Technical Team

Laura B and Julia G, both seniors, are artists for The Chronicle. They create original art for select articles. 

The Chronicle‘s photography team consists of Hunter H, Erin M, and Kira H. 

Steven M assists the Editorial Board with the operation of this website, spschronicle.org. 

Chronicle Editorial Policy

The Chronicle has been established as a forum for student expression and as a voice for the uninhibited, robust, free, and open discussion of ideas. Each publication provides opportunities to inquire, question, and exchange ideas. Content reflects all areas of Upper School student interests, including topics about which there may be dissent or controversy. The Chronicle faculty advisor will determine the content. Accordingly, editors and the advisor will show responsible, ethical judgement as to the content of The Chronicle

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