Living a Double Life: Creativity Behind the Athlete 

Photo of Mikhail Whyte (’22) By: Sara Rose Mikhail Whyte: popular on the basketball court for his swift moves and lightning strikes at the hoop. His fame on the Shorecrest court certainly indicates that Mikhail has a bright future ahead of him. Teammates have described him as a great teammate and an inspiring leader. AmongContinue reading “Living a Double Life: Creativity Behind the Athlete ”

Teachers Have Lives, Too! A Close-up of Ms. Updike’s Novel 

Photo of Upper School English Teacher Natalie Updike By: Daniel Chadda Most of us know our teachers for the classes they teach or the grades they assign. However, many teachers do much more than lead classes, lesson plan, or assign grades. This new section “Teachers Have Lives, Too!” aims to highlight some of the accomplishmentsContinue reading “Teachers Have Lives, Too! A Close-up of Ms. Updike’s Novel “

Prom is Fast Approaching 

By: Staff Writer It’s that time of year when students come together and spend money on clothes that they will only wear once… It’s PROM! The Prom Planning Committee is led by Junior Class Sponsor Natalie Updike. She and the ten juniors comprising the committee, of which I am a member, have worked tirelessly toContinue reading “Prom is Fast Approaching ”

AP Comparative Gov’t Guest Speaker Offers Insight on the War in Ukraine

Students in Kurt Wahlgren’s (second from the right) AP Comparative Government class pose for a picture with their guest speaker, Natalia Schratwieser (far right), who spoke to the class before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. By: Ainsley Walling As the conflict began to grow between Ukraine and Russia last month, many relieved tension by jokingContinue reading “AP Comparative Gov’t Guest Speaker Offers Insight on the War in Ukraine”

Strong Opinions About Dress Code 

By: Sarah Ellis Morgan There are certain topics that we are taught not to discuss, whether in public or even at the dinner table with our own family, as those discussions may result in heated debate. Everyone knows the topics one shouldn’t bring up: religion, politics, abortion. Dress code in schools, however, has become aContinue reading “Strong Opinions About Dress Code ”