2021 Fashion Trend Predictions

By: Mattie Tomey At the beginning of every year, people look forward to different things. New beginnings, New Year’s resolutions, cold weather, and being finally finished with the first semester of school. And if you’re anything like me, another thing you look forward to is the fashion trends.  While trends are ever-evolving, my YouTube feedContinue reading “2021 Fashion Trend Predictions”

Netflix Recommendations for Everyone

By: Sofia Winer Netflix Show Recommendations Hi everyone! This short article will hopefully be useful when you’re scrolling through Netflix and you don’t know what show to watch because everything seems boring compared to the Netflix series you just finished binge watching. There will be a short description I got from online to go withContinue reading “Netflix Recommendations for Everyone”

Vaccine Facts to Feel Like an Intellectual

By: Rachel Ford Introduction This article will break down the ingredients, chemical processes and functions of the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines, and provide some more information about the side effects, differences between vaccines, and when the general population can expect to get them. Though I will try to remain purely scientific, any political viewsContinue reading “Vaccine Facts to Feel Like an Intellectual”