Charger Football makes a Comeback by Scott. M

It doesn’t take a lot of things to make a football season go awry. A major injury here (or in our case, here, there and everywhere), a depleted supporting cast, and a new quarterback can really make a difference in the success of a season. However, this has not been the case for the ShorecrestContinue reading “Charger Football makes a Comeback by Scott. M”

Charger Injuries Roundup By Cooper L.

Shorecrest has had its fair share of injuries to kick off sports in the 2019 school year. Charger’s starting linebacker Hunter R. sustained a very serious finger injury after game three, and was not expected to finish his senior season. Hunter overcame a broken artery and finger to play a stellar first playoff game againstContinue reading “Charger Injuries Roundup By Cooper L.”

Respect the Rectangle: Is the new dress code working? by Julia C.

Over the past year at Shorecrest, the students pushed for a change in the dress code. Thanks to a hard-working committee, the faculty, and our passionate student body, the dress code was finally modified. Due to the new dress code rules, high school students are able to wear majority of their closet without worrying aboutContinue reading “Respect the Rectangle: Is the new dress code working? by Julia C.”

Advice with Mr. Paige #1

Donald Paige is an advice columnist for The Chronicle.  His qualifications include watching a lot of TV shows where a main character gives advice at the end (Full House, Boy Meets World) and he once took a psychology course in high school. Question 1: Dakota from Dunedin writes: I have been told that the meaningContinue reading “Advice with Mr. Paige #1”