New Hair, Who Dis?

By: Julia Craig Social distancing has given everyone much more time in their schedules. This being said, there are many viral activities and trends which many people, particularly teenagers, are following. One of which is dying or cutting your hair. It’s not like you will be seeing anyone soon – perfect timing!  Through social media,Continue reading “New Hair, Who Dis?”

You Don’t Need a Studio to be an Artist

By: Rachel Ford It has now been over a month of Distance Learning and students have generally become used to online work, but so far the biggest changes are with art classes. Without the resources from the school and the time every day to work, student artists have had to adjust. As I only takeContinue reading “You Don’t Need a Studio to be an Artist”

Beginner Quarantine Crafts

So, you are sat alone thinking to yourself “I never thought Netflix could be so boring!” Well, I suggest picking up a new skill, and crafting is something that is great for people of all ages and skill levels. Although it may seem a bit overwhelming at first, hopefully, some of these resources will makeContinue reading “Beginner Quarantine Crafts”

Service Opportunities

“No Act of Kindness, However Small, Is Ever Wasted” – Aesop It’s a little challenging to engage in service activities when you’re stuck in your room most of the day. But here are some options that you can do to help make a difference in other people’s lives? Feed The Hungry It may seemContinue reading “Service Opportunities”

Club Spotlight- Environmental Club

By: Mattie Tomey Founded by Julia Marquis and Brenna Dukes, the Environmental Club made its debut in the Shorecrest Club this year. Along with raising awareness about the importance of environmental issues, members of the Environmental Club participate in a variety of activities throughout the year. One project involves the upkeep of on-campus recycling, properlyContinue reading “Club Spotlight- Environmental Club”