I Hate Podcasts, But Maybe Not This One

Cover photo of Daniel Burkett’s podcast, Dan’s Dabble in Babble By: Marco Camuzzi I’ll be straightforward and say this: I HATE PODCASTS! There is nothing that makes me want to take a long walk off a very short pier more than listening to a podcast. Some podcasters talk for three hours straight, usually going onContinue reading “I Hate Podcasts, But Maybe Not This One”

Highlighting Student Films 

Photo of Shorecrest Film, Graphic Design, and Photography teacher Allison Roberts By: Cían McCarthy Allison Roberts is one of the newest teachers to join the Shorecrest faculty. She teaches Graphic Design and Photography. The Chronicle interviewed Roberts about her background as an artist and teacher. “I describe myself as a teaching artist—an artist who teaches.Continue reading “Highlighting Student Films ”

Creative Writing Piece: Participation Prize

By: Mila Salamone It stared at me, the squirrel, as I stepped outside“By the nut and by the seed,” it said “Great master of the cashew, Let not your manliness concede”I held a bag of cashews in my hand“To the rusty walnutOr the pecan, expired”My eyebrows raised, I plopped down on the backdoor patio stairs, unimpressed, nothingContinue reading “Creative Writing Piece: Participation Prize”

Luke Leary: the Man Behind the Camera

Photo of Caden Ryan (’22) (left) and Luke Leary (’22) (right) By: Kareena Dua Every Monday, the school gathers either in the JRT or their advisories to hear announcements for the coming week and to spend time together as a community. This year, not only does the Shorecrest Broadcasting Club take the stage to tellContinue reading “Luke Leary: the Man Behind the Camera”

Living a Double Life: Creativity Behind the Athlete 

Photo of Mikhail Whyte (’22) By: Sara Rose Mikhail Whyte: popular on the basketball court for his swift moves and lightning strikes at the hoop. His fame on the Shorecrest court certainly indicates that Mikhail has a bright future ahead of him. Teammates have described him as a great teammate and an inspiring leader. AmongContinue reading “Living a Double Life: Creativity Behind the Athlete ”