Classroom Spotlight for Mrs. Gaglio

By Sofia Winer Mrs. Gaglio (A.K.A Mrs. G) teaches all levels of Studio Art, humanities, AP Art History, all levels of Photography, and Women’s Studies. She has taught at Shorecrest for 20 years, and her first dark room was the shower where the dogs from the greyhound racing were washed. Mrs. Gaglio earned her undergraduateContinue reading “Classroom Spotlight for Mrs. Gaglio”

Classroom Spotlight: The Spectacular Sanders

By: Nadya DeFreitas Ms. Sanders is one of the many Shorecrest teachers who students can’t wait to have. Let’s find out what makes her classes fun and educational for students. To start off, Ms. Sanders teachers, not 1 but 4 classes, leaving her with hardly any planning periods. Despite this, she still manages to putContinue reading “Classroom Spotlight: The Spectacular Sanders”