COVID-19 and Climate Change

By: Mattie tomey COVID-19 And Climate Change: Everything You Need to Know About the Environmental Impacts of the Coronavirus Outbreak It would be hard to neglect the negative impacts of the coronavirus because it is all we seem to hear about, and for good reason. COVID-19 has had drastic impacts in our day to dayContinue reading “COVID-19 and Climate Change”

A Day in the Life of Distance Learning

By: Julia Craig In today’s article, I will be taking you through my typical day in distance learning. The first week of distance learning definitely had its challenges, but things were very well organized considering the circumstances. Being my junior year, it was extremely stressful switching to distance learning mid-semester. Luckily between the modified scheduleContinue reading “A Day in the Life of Distance Learning”

The Stock Market Situation Explained

By: Rachel ford As the coronavirus has spread and gained media attention, we’ve all seen constant updates on hospitals and U.S. healthcare plans, and been re-taught how to wash our hands. But other than the health sector, the virus is primarily impacting our economy, particularly the stock market. Though the entire U.S. economy is notContinue reading “The Stock Market Situation Explained”

Racism with the Coronavirus

By: Shaherzad chawdree When tragedy hits, people will always find someone to blame. After Pearl Harbor, innocent Japanese Americans were forced into camps. After 9/11, Muslims were wrongly associated with terrorism. Now, East Asian communities are going through a similar situation: they are being blamed and attacked for bringing the coronavirus to the U.S. ToContinue reading “Racism with the Coronavirus”