Classroom Spotlight: The Spectacular Sanders

By: Nadya DeFreitas Ms. Sanders is one of the many Shorecrest teachers who students can’t wait to have. Let’s find out what makes her classes fun and educational for students. To start off, Ms. Sanders teachers, not 1 but 4 classes, leaving her with hardly any planning periods. Despite this, she still manages to putContinue reading “Classroom Spotlight: The Spectacular Sanders”

Club Spotlight- Key Club

By: Rachel Ford The Shorecrest Key Club is our branch of Key Club International, the oldest and largest student-led service program in the United States. One of three main service clubs, Key Club members are consistently active with its service opportunities. The Key Club is known for its “cook and serves” on Sunday mornings atContinue reading “Club Spotlight- Key Club”

Chawdree’s Corner- The Assasination of General Soleimani: Is World War III an Eminent Threat?

By: Shaherzad Chawdree 2020 began with a punch this January with the the assassination of General Soleimani, the outbreak of the Coronavirus, and the recognition of Tyler the Creator at the Grammy’s. With our busy schedules, it can be hard to keep up with current events and fully understand what is happening around us. Like,Continue reading “Chawdree’s Corner- The Assasination of General Soleimani: Is World War III an Eminent Threat?”

Mr.Paige’s Advice Column

Donald Paige is an advice columnist for The Chronicle.  His qualifications include watching a lot of TV shows where a main character gives advice at the end (Full House, Boy Meets World) and he once took a psychology course in high school.  He also learned to type 45 words per minute in high school. QuestionContinue reading “Mr.Paige’s Advice Column”