Cat of the Month

We have just begun a brand new segment called, “Cat of the Month”. “Cat of the Month” was created so that we could showcase more of the Shorecrest Community’s amazing pets!  We have set it up exactly the same way as we did for “Dog of the Month”. Each month at the Chronicle, we willContinue reading “Cat of the Month”

Homecoming 2020

By: Shaherzad Chawdree From November 16th-20th, the Shorecrest Upper School celebrated Homecoming Week!  In full glamor and bling, the high school took on Movie Star Monday. Boas, jewelry, and wigs were worn by Seniors dressed as your favorite celebrities. Notable costumes include Kyle C’s Joe Exotic and Brenna D’s Anna Wintour. During break, these dazzlingContinue reading “Homecoming 2020”

What Do Students Think About the New President-Elect?

By: Sofia Winer This past election made history, which had over 159 million US citizen voters. The presidential race was so close that, if you flipped a little more than 81,139 votes in four states, there would have been a different president-elect. Alas, Joe Biden became the new president-elect. But what does the Shorecrest UpperContinue reading “What Do Students Think About the New President-Elect?”

My Experience with COVID-19

By: Anonymous Pretty much for the last year all we have heard about is COVID. Who is more susceptible to getting it, what should we do to prevent, etc. Even with all this knowledge, I was still unlucky enough to catch the virus over winter break.  I am a healthy teen. I’m young, I workoutContinue reading “My Experience with COVID-19”