New Shorecrest Teachers Amidst COVID

By: Athena Smith If you’ve been at Shorecrest since the 2019-2020 school year, you probably remember Don Paige’s infamous talk in the theater. To the Upper School, he explained the probable chance that Shorecrest would shut down due to COVID-19. Being the naive sophomore I was, I didn’t take that possibility as seriously as IContinue reading “New Shorecrest Teachers Amidst COVID”

COVID Mask Policies Soon Under Revision?

A Word From Head of School, Nancy Spencer By: Daniel Chadda  Recently, Head of School Nancy Spencer released an email that addressed the possibility of a complete re-evaluation of the mask policy for Shorecrest. As the vaccine is now able to reach more people, mask policies are beginning to relax. Nancy Spencer told the communityContinue reading “COVID Mask Policies Soon Under Revision?”