Brain Bowl Leads to Both Fun and Frustration

By: Claire Bryant  The week of October 11th, the Upper School took part in one of our most sacred traditions: Homecoming Week. On Thursday, October 14th, Class Competition Day occurred, including one of the most competitive events: Brain Bowl. Every year, Brain Bowl uses a Jeopardy format to showcase the school’s best minds. This yearContinue reading “Brain Bowl Leads to Both Fun and Frustration”

Wade’s Corner: A Homecoming Football Commentary from Your Shorecrest Broadcasting Club

By: Wade LeCain 61-7. Yes, it was a blowout. Everybody knew that it would be before the game even started. Théo Simon had 75 yards on the first play of the game with the score at 6-0. On the first play of the second drive of the game, with a score of 13-0, Aneko JacksonContinue reading “Wade’s Corner: A Homecoming Football Commentary from Your Shorecrest Broadcasting Club”

Senior Night 2021: A Homecoming Game to Remember 

By: Luke Tunnell After the excitement of Class Competition Day, the Charger community came together for the last Homecoming Week event: the Homecoming football game. After coming off a nearly undefeated season, the Chargers would face one final opponent before advancing to the playoffs: Academy at the Lakes. The Charger football team was already highlyContinue reading “Senior Night 2021: A Homecoming Game to Remember “

Best Costumes of Homecoming Week

By: Sarah Ellis Morgan  Shorecrest had a blast seeing all of the creative and amazing homecoming costumes. While none of the winners below are from the underclassmen, they showed a valiant effort. The winners had this to say afterwards: Seasons Day Winners: Class Winner: Seniors show their class spirit and dance to Christmas songs (PhotoContinue reading “Best Costumes of Homecoming Week”

Slip n’ Slide Kickball

By: Alexa Rose With football season coming to an end, the senior’s homecoming week victory showed how collaboration is the key to school pride. As senior Yvonne Lin said, “Slip n’ slide kickball was successful. It really emphasized the importance of teamwork. It felt nice to win, and the event demonstrated our class spirit.” TheContinue reading “Slip n’ Slide Kickball”