Pet of the Month: November 2021

By: Cían McCarthy Your favorite segment from last year’s Chronicle is back in action: The Pet of the Month. Last year, as you may know, The Chronicle had a “Dog of the Month” segment, but this year we’re including pets of all shapes and sizes from across the community to allow every cat, bird, lizard,Continue reading “Pet of the Month: November 2021”

Fit of the Month: November 2021

By: Verity Rabin  As you walk through the halls of Landy, approaching the senior tables, and then the stairs, you are surrounded by an array of colors: v-necks, hoodies, shorts, and the extremely popular sweatpant-sweatshirt combinations. Unlike that APUSH reading check where none of the questions were in the book, or that surprise pop quizContinue reading “Fit of the Month: November 2021”

Brain Bowl Leads to Both Fun and Frustration

By: Claire Bryant  The week of October 11th, the Upper School took part in one of our most sacred traditions: Homecoming Week. On Thursday, October 14th, Class Competition Day occurred, including one of the most competitive events: Brain Bowl. Every year, Brain Bowl uses a Jeopardy format to showcase the school’s best minds. This yearContinue reading “Brain Bowl Leads to Both Fun and Frustration”