“A Compassionate Counselor and a Wonderful Friend”: A Tribute to Dr. Hamilton

By Adrianna L

17 May 2018

For thirty-one years, Dr. Pamela Hamilton has been a symbol of elegance and dedication at Shorecrest as the Upper School Counselor and the AP Psychology teacher.

When she first arrived, she taught psychology classes part-time so that she could spend time with her two children who were young at the time. However, as the years have gone by, her role has shifted. During this year, for example, she taught two sections of AP Psychology. Nearly half of the senior class took it despite it being considered an elective course, which speaks to her character and teaching style.

She also doubles as our Upper School Counselor, helping to keep our student body as happy and healthy as possible. As someone that is always there for her students, the role fits her but her warmth and friendliness make her even more approachable and skilled at her job. Julianna W comments on this trait of hers in particular, noting that Dr. Hamilton “is the sweetest teacher and is always looking out for her students well being.”

“Dr. Hamilton is an amazing colleague, a compassionate counselor, and a wonderful friend,” says Mr. Beaton, a longtime friend who, until last year, occupied the office next door as Dean of Faculty. “She always makes time to listen, knowing that, sometimes, that’s all that’s needed. When listening isn’t enough, her personal calm and warm demeanor go a long way toward helping others feel better – whatever issues they may be dealing with.”

After over three decades of dedication, Dr. Hamilton says that her time at Shorecrest has given her “so many wonderful memories” that “it would be impossible to choose just one.” Above all, she says, she will miss the relationships she has with her students and fellow co-workers. Through the ups and downs, she and her colleagues have shared a home at Shorecrest, making them into another “family” for her.

Personally, I can attest that the Shorecrest family will miss her back beyond words. Her smiles, passion for her students, and impeccable fashion that brightened up my senior year will never be lost in my memory.

As for the future, Dr. Hamilton is most looking forward to “traveling, spending time with family, and maybe taking an art class or two (I hope Ms. G reads this!).” In that case, bon voyage, say hi to the kids for us, and we all hope that you become the next Picasso!

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