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The Chronicle

The Student News Site of Shorecrest Preparatory School

The Chronicle

The Student News Site of Shorecrest Preparatory School

The Chronicle

Just Because You Seem There, Does Not Mean You Are

Kaja Dionne May 6, 2024

     12:00 am. and the feelings that casted over my body from the accident haunt my spirit, gripping my soul, as if I was the one at death's door. Surely this couldn't be true; I am the survivor....


Gannon Anderson April 29, 2024

Nada Tù

Alara Ozkaya April 29, 2024


Molly O'Brien April 22, 2024

They say mistakes make you tougher, stronger, more likely to succeed. “You need a growth mindset!” Is what they all say. But it’s truly impossible for me to grow from my mistakes, unless growing...


Merritt Butler April 15, 2024

     I sprint through the dim hallways, the lights flickering around me as the world blurs around me. It feels like I'm dying; The air getting sucked from out my lungs, and my legs so tired. I race...

The Red Room

Margo Armstrong April 8, 2024

It was a stormy night when Paul checked into an incredibly old hotel. You could tell that this building had made it through many decades. Dents throughout the Hotel walls, stains spotted over dusty rugs,...

Anxiety (The indescribable feeling of anxiousness)

Kaja Dionne April 1, 2024

Each nerve begins to spiral beyond control of the host. Each limb begins to shake, like the effects of a cold, windy day. The thoughtless victim to this disease falls deep into a crisis of panic,...

End of the Line

Carter Ford March 25, 2024

I met a man named Tom when walking along the bay one day. He said boy, this place is way finer than LA. No wonder this is where the line ended. I said, what did you mean by that, Tom? Son,...

Growing Up

Kaja Dionne March 18, 2024

The face of a child begins to melt into  the structure of a growing adolescent,  now faced with the eyes of society peering down on them.   Father Time has no mercy on the innocent,...


Sierra Orlick March 4, 2024

Every day is the same, From the violent blaring of alarm clocks To the tranquil tugging of the covers All to reach the same goal, The only goal: Destiny.   There’s only one...

There Once was a Girl Named Andromeda

LeJala Andrews February 26, 2024

     “What is your dream?” the little boy asked as his cedar brown hands sank into the sand. Staring out at the ocean as the sun began to set, the girl next to him, his friend, glanced at him before...


Molly O’Brien February 11, 2024

From Ezra’s Perspective:      I arrived a few nights ago, with Victoria and Dustin. We finally got our digging permit for Kenya. I knew that near Lake Victoria there were plenty of fossils and...

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