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The Student News Site of Shorecrest Preparatory School

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The Student News Site of Shorecrest Preparatory School

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A vicious cat displays its fangs, prepared to attack another victim.

Hot Take from around the School: Cats Are Demonic

Olivia Martin April 26, 2024

     I’ve always had an itching hatred for commonly praised objects. I’ve always hated sushi. I’ve always hated Taylor Swift. I hate the beach. But most of all, I HATE cats. These vicious animals...

More APs, Please!

More APs, Please!

Ana Verano April 26, 2024

     Students enter Upper School freshman year eager to expand their interests and learn new things. For many, that means trying out a myriad of AP classes. However, in the face of Shorecrest’s...

Graduation cord in Shorecrest colors. Illustration by Harper Nelson-Wooley.

Graduation Cords: An Invitation for Individuality

Annabella Rozin March 7, 2024

     Adorned in regalia, graduates present themselves to their school community one last time—a show of triumph. At my graduation, I look forward to this last gathering with each member of the Shorecrest...

Illustration of Hollywood actor and icon Timothee Chalamet. Chalamet recently starred as Willy Wonka in the hit movie, Wonka, a musical prequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Illustration by Harper Nelson-Wooley.

Is Wonka Actually Good, or is Timothee Chalamet Just Hot?

Phoebe Pritchard March 7, 2024

     Slack-jawed, awe-struck, eyes-peeled. I could be describing two groups of people: children in a candy shop and Timothee Chalamet fans watching him portray Willy Wonka. Chalamet’s fanbase mimics...

US English Department Chair Jake Seymour and freshman Lili Fort scream at each other in generational frustration and misunderstanding. Seymour belongs to Generation X, while Fort belongs to Generation Z. Photo by Ana Verano.

“Lazy” Gen Z: Unfounded Claims Meet College Competition

Ana Verano March 7, 2024

     Ah, to be Rory Gilmore! The epitome of millennial success: a small-town girl gets into the Holy Trinity—Yale, Harvard, and Princeton—on what? Good grades? While many of us continue to idolize...

Raya from Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon. She’s one of the most progressive additions to the princess lineup. Her film released in 2021. Illustration by Ann Licht.

The Princess Project: Disney’s Journey with Feminism

Sierra Orlick March 7, 2024

     Belle, Tiana, Jasmine, Ariel—these characters are often looked to by young girls for entertainment, inspiration, and, ultimately, guidance for facing reality. However, these princesses have not...

Flooded park in St. Pete following Category Three Hurricane Idalia in September 2023.

Flooding Now, More to Come

Sierra Orlick November 16, 2023

     In the aftermath of Hurricane Idalia’s Category Three landfall in Florida, sophomore Asher Walton explored the excessive damage done to his neighborhood, Shore Acres. He waded through the deep...

Taylor Swift takes the stage at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa while embarking on the “Eras Tour.” Thousands of locals gathered to watch the pop icon sing and perform her historic set of songs.

The ‘Summer of Girlhood’ is for Everyone

Phoebe Pritchard November 16, 2023

     “To me, feminism is probably the most important movement that you could embrace, because it’s just basically another word for equality,” said pop culture icon Taylor Swift to Rolling...

Whether You Like It or Not, Shorecrest’s Got You “Covered”

Ana Verano November 16, 2023

    Over a recent long weekend, my computer broke. Because I have a school-issued laptop, I wasn’t allowed to get it fixed outside of Shorecrest, so I had no replacement, and therefore had a barrier...

The Bluest Eye, one of the books banned in Pinellas County public schools, on a Shorecrest shelf. The book addresses the serious topics of sexual abuse, trauma, and blackness in a white-dominated society. Photo by Story Pennock.

Desantis’s “Book Bans”: Philosophical Implications

Story Pennock April 26, 2023

     Florida is in peril as accusations of censorship and book banning continue to swirl around Governor Ron DeSantis. In response to concerns about harmful content, amendments to House Bill 1467...

The Tampa Bay Watch sign located in Tierra Verde, FL. Photo by Arden Katcha.

The Protected Peninsula: Florida’s Conservation Organizations

Sierra Orlick April 26, 2023

     Florida is home to three unique ecosystems respectively fostered by Florida’s three bordering bodies of water: the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Straits of Florida. Experiencing...

Upper School students get food from the SAGE salad bar. These healthy options are available at lunch every day, so go seek them out. Photo by Arden Katcha.

SAGE is Actually Good

Camden Lerner April 26, 2023

     “SAGE always stinks,” said a fellow student while waiting in line at the Charger Commons Dining Hall. Their statement was met with agreement by neighboring peers. Many students are quite...

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