From Physics to Crestviews and More: A Tribute to Mr. Nap

By Samantha E

17 May 2018

Mr. Napodano, or T-Nap, as he is known to many, has been a staple in the Shorecrest community for 28 years. Almost all freshmen, and occasionally some juniors, take his Conceptual Physics class that he has taught for 25 years now. Many of the outstanding students he teaches then move on to take his AP Physics I and occasionally even AP Physics II. Almost every student can fondly recount on the Harry Potter demonstration with the pith ball, or the Newton’s Law song that no one could ever get out of their head.

“I have known Mr. Napodano for over two decades,” said Mr. Hyink, Mr. Nap’s colleague in the science department, “and during that time I have come to know him as a highly knowledgeable and skilled teacher, as well as a friend.” Noting that Mr. Nap teaches a subject for which it is “difficult to find qualified teachers,” Mr. Hyink says he is proud of the “exceptional teachers” at Shorecrest. “I’ll miss him and I wish him a happy retirement.”

Along with teaching Physics, Mr. Nap has also been in charge of the yearbook over his time at Shorecrest. Senior Emily R, who took Physics and Crestviews with Mr. Nap, said “Mr. Nap is a great teacher and mentor! My high school experience wouldn’t have been the same without his guidance and support.”

Mr. Nap has also been the sponsor of several clubs at Shorecrest, including the Vegetarian Club and Astronomy Club. Hunter Holland, an AP Physics Student and President of the Astronomy Club, spoke very highly of Mr. Nap. “Since day one of high school, Mr. Nap has held the place of being my greatest inspiration in life; his passion for physics and astronomy – and not to mention his exceptional teaching – have shaped my aspirations for my future, and I greatly thank him for that. I can genuinely say that my life would not have been the same had I not had him as a teacher for the three years that I did, and I am honored to be graduating from Shorecrest with him.”

On top of all that, it can be safely said that Mr. Nap was Shorecrest Athletics’ biggest fan, as he could be found at virtually every home game and most of the away ones, too. He even appointed himself record keeper for girls varsity soccer this past year, riding on the bus with the girls and attending all of the games.

Having had the privilege of taking not only Honors Physics but also AP Physics and three years of Crestviews with Mr. Nap, I have to say that he is one of the kindest, most welcoming teachers I have ever had. His care for students is astounding, no matter whether they are struggling in Physics or need scheduling advice. Aside from all of that, he has been an amazing mentor to me and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to spend the last four years under his guidance.

We will all miss you Mr. Nap – thank you for everything you have done for all of us. And from the senior class, it is a privilege to be graduating with you.

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