Charger Injuries Roundup By Cooper L.

Shorecrest has had its fair share of injuries to kick off sports in the 2019 school year.

Charger’s starting linebacker Hunter R. sustained a very serious finger injury after game three, and was not expected to finish his senior season. Hunter overcame a broken artery and finger to play a stellar first playoff game against Bishop Mclaughlin and secure a win. A date for Hunter’s full recovery is not certain yet, but it is possible for a return to basketball later in the season.

William H., historian and director of This Month in History, injured his ACL during homecoming week playing volleyball, ending his senior swimming season. Will is going to be in a brace for 4 months, and is expected to recover to full strength in a total of 9 months.

RJ A., starting Chargers fullback and linebacker, injured his left fibula in game 4 and will be in a boot until the beginning of November. It is possible for him to return for a playoff game against St. Stephens November 2nd.

That’s all for now! I hope these Chargers heal quickly. 

Cooper L.

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