Fantastic Start for the Freshmen By Shaherzad C.

The Class of 2022 had an impressive start in this year’s Homecoming with their spirit and skill! It was a fun time for the Freshmen to work together and show their class spirit.

During the dress-up days, the freshmen showed their creativity by dressing up in a variety of costumes. For Meme Day, some noteworthy costumes included the mannequin heads, an inflatable dinosaur costume, and the distracted boyfriend meme. Cian M’s costume as the flex seal meme was a popular favorite, receiving a lot of attention and applause in Monday Morning Meeting.

On Tuesday, it was Pop Culture Day. Different groups dressed up as popular references from movies, TV, and music. These costumes ranged from superheroes to Star Wars characters.

Wakiki Wednesday was a blast with the Freshmen wearing flower leis, grass skirts, and Hawaiian shirts. People also brought their ukuleles and sunglasses to nail the Tacky Tourist look.

On Class Color Day, the Freshmen sported bright red clothing from head to toe. It was an intense day with every game against the Seniors, but surprisingly, they handled this with grace.

In Powderpuff Football, they placed a solid third place after playing with the Seniors and Sophomores. I was impressed by their plays and their quick thinking on the field. During Half-Time, they performed their Class Cheer with songs like Starships and Teenage Dream.The crowd loved their stunts and dancing with the Freshmen screaming and cheering for their classmates.

After football, the crowd enjoyed air conditioning in the gym and theater when watching Volleyball, Dodgeball, Crab Soccer, and Brainbowl. Crab Soccer was a hit with the Freshmen coming in second place. They played a close game with the seniors in volleyball and ended up placing third. We were all surprised by their strong serves and spikes!

Overall, the Freshmen were two points below the Sophomores, coming in fourth place! I applaud the Freshmen for having a strong first year of Homecoming, and I expect them to not only keep it up but also improve.

Shaherzad C

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