Respect the Rectangle: Is the new dress code working? by Julia C.

Over the past year at Shorecrest, the students pushed for a change in the dress code. Thanks to a hard-working committee, the faculty, and our passionate student body, the dress code was finally modified.

Due to the new dress code rules, high school students are able to wear majority of their closet without worrying about being in dress code. The biggest change to our dress code is the following guideline regarding the rectangle: “A rectangle with a width formed by an imaginary line drawn across the body from the top of one armpit to the top of the other armpit, and a length extending from that line to a parallel line going across the body that is no shorter than 6 inches above the knee will be the guideline for most dress code appropriate clothes. The rectangle area must be covered by the clothing in order for it to be allowed.” (Shorecrest Handbook 56). The guidelines for this year’s dress code are much more lenient than last, but along with that comes stricter consequences. If you are found out of dress code, you are sent to the office and will miss class until you can comply with the rules. An unexcused absence is given for every missed class, which results in detentions. Please enjoy the new dress code and follow the guidelines!

The rectangle is a great change to our dress code, but most students would argue that the best change would be the addition of leggings and t-shirts. This allows the students to come to school in comfort (especially after a long night of studying). Shorecrest is a college preparatory school and is now allowing us to make choices about our clothing for school as we will do in college.

Based off the poll sent out by the Chronicle Staff, about 90% of students prefer this year’s dress code better than the last. On a different note, approximately 10% of the Upper School liked last year’s dress code better than the new one. From the poll, it was obvious that most of the students prefer the new dress code. I went around campus and interviewed a few students and faculty members asking about their thoughts on the new dress code and here’s what they said:

How does the Shorecrest student body feel about the dress code?

Shannon: “It’s a lot more comfortable (leggings) and practical for everybody.”

Kyle: “It’s not professional looking for people that are viewing the school. They want to see students that are presentable looking.”

Ashlee: “The dress code makes coming to school easier because I don’t have to think about what’s appropriate and “safe” to wear. It allows for more freedom.”

Roderick: “Overall I would say that I like the new dress code. The only downside would be although they tried to make the dress code more relaxed, but some parts are still strict for the girls.”

How does the faculty feel about the dress code?

Mrs. G: “It gives the students freedom and more decision making power and acknowledges that there are certain trends that can fit in the dress code. As a teacher I don’t enjoy outwardly checking to dress code. This dresscode is a step towards acknowledging body types and being all-inclusive.”

Profe Alonso: “The new dress code reflects the time which we are living in now and the local weather. It allows for flexibility and self-expression of the students.”

After interviewing members of the Shorecrest community and conducting a poll about the dress code, it is evident that the majority of the Shorecrest community prefers this year’s dress code and its flexibility. Enjoy the new dress code and refer to the handbook if there is confusion regarding the guidelines!

Julia C.

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