Ohana Means Junior by Erin W.

This year, the Junior Class really came together as a family. Homecoming was a major success for the Class of 2020. This year, the Juniors came in first place! During the costume days, Lliam C. had a memorable pop culture themed costume. Lliam chose to dress up as Bob Ross, the famous painter of many “happy trees”. Erin W. also won with her homemade Miss Pacman costume. For Waikiki Wednesday, Carlos G. won for his sunburnt beach-goer costume, and Tia E. won with her homemade Stitch costume.

Keeping up with the theme of “Ohana”, the junior class really became a family on class color day. The class of 2020 stayed on their feet the whole day, cheering on their classmates as they won events like powderpuff football and volleyball. The juniors came in third place in crab soccer, but that did not bring their spirits down. Other memorable moments include Will C. and Scott S. playing guitar and drums to hype everyone up in the stands, Ceci G. slaying the theatre category in Brain Bowl, as well as our “roller coaster” cheer from the stands. Speaking of cheer, let’s not forget the amazing powderpuff cheer that tied for first place! The cheer included homemade uniforms, blue smoke bombs, a chariot made by Lliam C., and a call and repeat section that included everyone in the stands.

While winning homecoming was definitely a highlight for the week, everyone in the Junior class agrees that the best part of homecoming was coming together as a grade. The desire to win brought our grade so much closer to one another. As we ate lunch together as an entire grade, we hyped each other up, congratulated our teammates on their victories, and shared how cool it was that the whole grade came together like a family. We talked about how even if we did not win homecoming, we all knew that we were the real winners because we learned how amazing every single person in our grade was, and the amazing things we can accomplish when we work together. That being said, the Class of 2020 is ecstatic at their win, and cannot wait to win homecoming their senior year. Go Blue!

Erin W.

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