Semi- Stoppable Sophomores By Nadya D.

This year the sophomore class stepped up their homecoming spirit compared to last year, but not by much. Let’s dive a little deeper.

Monday (Meme Day): This was a new and highly anticipated theme day which is based on the main source of my joy, memes. One that stood out the most was Hailey L’s enormous “Road Work Ahead” sign, yet Samia H’s Tide Pod costume was truly the highlight of my day. Samia went around giving tide pods to those who asked, showing one of Shorecrest’s core values, compassion.

Tuesday (Pop Culture Day): We had a range of costumes from “The Office”, to “The Incredibles”, and even the Spice Girls all of whom did an amazing job. But it didn’t stop at groups; Alisa F gained us two points for her amazing Ms.Frizzle costume. As for me? I dressed up as Pam from the office, and I am now convinced I am Jenna Fisher by how many comments I received saying “OH MY GOD. YOU LOOK JUST LIKE HER”. Although some still thought I was a teacher… I tried.

Wednesday (Waikiki Wednesday Day): The entire sophomore class went into tacky tourist mode. I’ve never seen so many Hawaiian shirts in one place. Jonathan C said “This day should be called dress like me day.” His wonderful shirts are always a delight, but for this day he took it to the next level. He wore a capris suit based on Hawaiian shirts. All I can say is that it was worth every cent. Besides Jonathan, the rest of our grade did awesome dressing up as a tacky tourist.

Thursday (Class Color Day): We started off the day with our picture then went to the powderpuff field. Sadly, we got last.  I would explain it further, but I still don’t quite know what happened. In between our two games, we got to see the powderpuff routines. Once again, we finished last, but our cheerleading captains say that next year they will be “going full out”…. good luck boys. I thought it was an amazing performance, specifically by Evan H who wowed our grade with his back-handspring! After powderpuff, we went to crab soccer where we won! This has been the first competition our grade has won in the past two years. We then went to dodgeball were we tied second with the seniors.  In the final two competitions, brain bowl and volleyball, we got second and last, respectively. Although we did not only step up our game on the field, on the sidelines we were a great example of class spirit. We were so rowdy, that our grade got second in this category! The group of people that helped lead our spirit were Shannon R, the running and cheering tiger, Kyle C, the skilled flag maker, and Samia H, who helped with the posters. Overall, we finished third for class competition day, and I have hope that next year we do even better!

Friday (School Spirit Day): Everyone dressed very similar except for Kyle C, who made a flag to show his school spirit. During that day, we got to see a great performance by the cheerleaders and an unforgettable song by Mr. McCall and Mr.Paige.

Overall this year was great, and I can’t wait to see us in the years to come.

Nadya D.

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