Senior Success! By Olivia Olson

To start, let’s address the elephant in the room. Yes, the seniors did not win homecoming this year. Although we may not have won the actual competition, the Class of 2019 did win a sense of class unity that we have never felt before, which in my opinion, is a real prize. To the juniors, I am very proud of all you and you did an amazing job! Now, let’s dive into the events.

On the first dress up day, the seniors took “Pop Culture Day” to the most literal extent. The senior members each dressed up as a different can of soda, with everything from Coke to Pepsi. A highlight was when the seniors graciously handed out soda to faculty and students.

Waikiki Wednesday brought the beach to Landy Deck. The seniors set up a beach, complete with a drink stand. We had a combination of surfers, swimmers, and lifeguards, who were later attacked by a band of senior sharks. In fact, we had a whole family of sharks, who performed a rendition of “baby shark.” I’m sure the song is still stuck in everyone’s head.

On Thursday, we battled it out with the other classes, never losing hope. In every event, we were so close to victory. Our spirit was unparalleled, and our class truly did come together. When it was all said and done, our banner won first place, we tied for powderpuff cheerleading, and we won several of the dress up days.

Senior class president, Lily S is also proud of the seniors: “Although we suffered an upset losing to the juniors, I could not be more proud of us seniors. Our spirit was incomparable and the team work we shared was heartwarming to watch. I love my senior class… it’s going to be hard to leave them this spring.”

Class of 2019, we really did fight hard. As a personal note, I am so proud of us and am glad we gave it our best efforts.

Olivia Olson

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