Orange You Glad to be a Junior?

By: Shaherzad Chawdree

The Juniors amazed us all during this year’s homecoming from their unique costumes to their bubbling school spirit. It has been amazing to witness our growth in spirit and competitiveness throughout the years, and 2019 – 2020 has been our best year yet! Thanks to our student council members, and special help from others like Shannon R and Samia H, we were able to coordinate well-planned themes for each day and set up decorations. 

At the beginning of the week, students dressed up for “To the Moon Monday” with colorful alien costumes, astronaut helmets, and more. This year, the Juniors collectively dressed up according to the theme “Aliens vs. Cowboys,” with some wearing their best cowboy hats and boots and others wearing bright green antennas and metallic skirts. Some notable costumes included Shannon R’s alien costume, completed with a metallic-colored wig, and a group of boys’ dressed up as alien toys from Toy Story. For decoration, there were bales of hay around the deck and Junior signs. The Juniors did an excellent job during this day, with almost everyone in costume.

Juniors took on Tuesday’s dress up day with a bang! The theme was “TV Tuesday,” meaning that students could dress up as characters from their favorite TV show or movie. Similar to Monday, we planned a group theme and dressed up as characters from the popular Netflix series “Orange Is The New Black.” Half of the class dressed up as prisoners, wearing orange jumpsuits and fake tattoos, and the other half dressed up as officers. On the deck and in Landy, students hung orange streamers and decorations. Some stacked benches on top of each other to make a fake jail where the prisoners were “locked” up. Along with their costumes, students brought handcuffs, donut boxes, and police caps.

Wednesday was the most exciting day of the whole week: PSAT day! Students came in at 8:00 to take the (long and exhausting) test and after, prepared for Thursday by practicing sports or by making signs. Some notable signs included Rachel F’s Garfield-themed poster and Eric J’s poster that had “go orange” written in blue paint. Personally, I believe that the Juniors should have gotten extra homecoming points for taking the test and an extra day to go to Busch Gardens. 

Thursday was the big event! The Juniors came in with high spirits and bundles of energy to play against the other classes. At the beginning of the day, we played Slip N’ Slide Kickball against the Seniors. This new addition to homecoming was fun; however, the Juniors came in third place and got defeated by the Seniors. This trend repeated in both Powderpuff Football and Brain Bowl. In volleyball, we did worse, scoring in fourth place. Our low spirits were soon brought up with the boys’ cheerleading routine. I have never felt as proud of our class as when I watched them. With carefully planned stunts and complex choreography, the boys stole our hearts and made the Junior class proud. In cheerleading, we came in second place, and I have no doubt we will place first next year. Along with our stellar performance in cheerleading, the Juniors did a wonderful job in the Kind Mouse food drive. Two weeks before homecoming, Samia H began to gather about five dollars from each student to buy food products for struggling families and children. I am happy to say that the Juniors won first place for the food drive! It is important that we as a community participate in programs like Kind Mouse to make a difference. 

I am so proud of the Juniors for trying their best this homecoming. It is hard to come together as a class, as we know from previous years, but we did it! I cannot wait for next year to see what the class of 2021 has in store. 

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