The Fantastic Freshmen

By: Nadya DeFreitas

The Freshmen had a fantastic start to their Class Competition Day career, surprising the Upper School.

The Freshmen started off the week with some cool costumes. For Monday, the majority of the grade dressed up as aliens to fit the theme of “To the Moon Monday”. Then on “TV Tuesday,” the Freshmen class showed off their creativity. Some of them dressed as Spongebob and Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants, while others were dressed as doctors from Grey’s Anatomy. However, the Freshmen truly began to show off how fantastic they are during Class Competition Day on Thursday. To start off the morning, they showed off their class spirit with choreographed cheers. They then went to play slip-and-slide kickball and powderpuff football. In both of these sports the Freshmen sadly came in last, but they did put up a good fight. After this, everyone headed inside for Brain Bowl where the Freshmen did a phenomenal job and placed second! It is virtually unheard of for Freshmen to place above third, making this win even more impressive. After a short break, the Freshmen played a game of volleyball against the Juniors. It was a close game, but they were able to secure the victory with the help of their amazing hitters. That was it for the actual day of Class Competition, but when the final scores for all of Homecoming were released, the Freshmen had more good news coming — they got first place for banner. This first place win confounded all of the other grades; however, when looking at their banner it was clear that they had deserved their victory.

The Freshmen Class 1st Place Banner

Even with their groundbreaking victory, the Freshmen sadly still got fourth place. In my three years participating in Homecoming, I have never seen a Freshmen class gain that many points. The Freshmen class of 2023 is athletic, artistic, and in general fantastic. I am both excited and scared to see what they can do for next year’s Homecoming.

Good luck Class of 2023.

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