The Sophomore Surprise

by: Mattie Tomey

The Sophomore class had a great second homecoming week with a ton of memorable moments. Let’s recap:

To The Moon Monday: The Sophomores had a wide variety of costumes the first day, with lots of galaxy print and metallic shorts. Notably, Chris M tied for first place with his costume this day with his astronaut/Fortnite character. Cian M also earned his grade some points with his impressive giant alien costume. 

Totally TV Tuesday: There were some creative costumes this day, ranging from Stranger Things to the Jasmine and Aladdin pair portrayed by Sabrina and Caden. Another remarkable group costume was the Sesame Street squad of Elmo, Oscar the Grouch, and Cookie Monster, portrayed by Lizzie, Olivia, and Maddie.

Wednesday (PSAT): The middle of hoco week was unfortunately (as I’m sure we all remember) broken up by a PSAT day. The Shorecrest Sophomores had their first go at the national PSAT/NMSQT and got to understand the PSAT memes for the first time.

Thursday (Class Color Day): Thursday was no doubt an exciting day for the Sophomore class. Starting off the day with second in kickball and powderpuff, the Class of 2022 definitely showed off their athletic abilities (although coming in last in the powderpuff cheer, their dance skills weren’t quite as stellar). The Sophomores were doing well in the first half of BrainBowl, but ultimately came in last after the second team came in. Capping off the day with an incredible win in the boys volleyball game in The Biggest Upset of sports history, tenth graders were a force to be reckoned with. 

Friday (Green & Gold Day): With a close game, the Sophomores came in third in crab soccer. The Class of 2022 got second in the banners, creating an epic galactic road trip scene. For the whole week, the sophomores came in third place. 

Overall, the Sophomores had a great year, and the rest of the grades have some serious competition for next year’s homecoming week!

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