Advice to 2024

By: Julia Craig

Second semester is in full swing and it is a reminder that we only have a few months left of this school year. This being said, we will be welcoming the class of 2024 into the highschool very shortly. 

Making the transition from middle school to high school is one that we all remember too well. Feelings of nervousness, excitement, etc. No matter how confident or ready you are, this major change can be difficult. In order to make this jump less stressful for the incoming freshman class, I interviewed students from each grade level and asked them to give advice to the class of 2024. 

When conducting the interviews, I tried to avoid generic responses and asked for specifics pertaining to the Shorecrest Highschool. This way, the advice reflects our school and how the incoming freshmen can utilize Shorecrest’s opportunities to make the most of their highschool experience. Thank you to all the highschool students who gave me input!

  1. Do not block hallways or sidewalks 
  • This is honestly a general tip for everyone, but it has become a tendency of freshman to stand in the middle of the hallways during the day. Just make sure to be aware of your surroundings and that people may be in a hurry to get to class.
  1. Don’t take freshman year as a joke
  • Many people make the assumption that freshman year grades do not matter. Coming from multiple upperclassmen, it does. Although colleges may not take an in depth look at your freshman grades, they are counted into your overall GPA.
  1. Take your art credit early
  • Many of the students I interviewed stressed this tip: take your art credit freshman year. It is a graduation requirement to take an art credit throughout your highschool career and taking an art class freshman year is often much easier to fit in your schedule. Some students do take their art class later on, but most find a place in their schedule freshman year to make sure they meet that requirement.
  1. Don’t take a free period freshman year
  • This is another scheduling tip for freshman. As you continue through high school, you have more choice and flexibility in your schedule. Along with that, the courses grow more demanding. Many students suggest not taking a free period your freshman year, but waiting until sophomore or junior year.
  1. Only take APs you are interested in
  • AP classes are extremely rigorous. This being said, take AP classes you are interested in or that may be related to your intended major. Even if you are not sure what you want to study in college, choose AP courses based on subjects you like.
  1. Reach out to upperclassmen
  • I know the upperclassmen may seem intimidating as a freshman, but they are super helpful. As a freshman, I grew extremely close with the other juniors and seniors on the volleyball team and they ended up becoming some of my best friends. If you have upperclassmen in any of your courses, take advantage of that and reach out! 

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